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What to see

Piazza III Novembre square.
Surrounded by medieval arcades, the square opens onto Palazzo Pretorio, Palazzo Municipale (16th century) and the austere Torre Apponale. This low crenellated tower, built in 1220, had a door high above the level of the ground that has now been filled in by 3-4 metres. At the foot of the tower, which was the main defence of the town and was raised in 1555, were ‘fondaci’, i.e. the storerooms of salt and wheat, warehouses and exchange counters. At the top (34 metres above the ground) is the “anzolìm de la tor” (‘angel of the tower’), the symbol of the town created at the end of the Eighties.

There are lovely churches to visit in Riva del Garda. The Chiesa dell’Inviolata is one of the most striking holy buildings in the region of Trentino and the best example of Baroque architecture. It was built in 1603 using the project of an unknown Portuguese architect. The church’s exterior is simple with a square plan, whereas the interior has an octagonal plan with five altars, three doors, a vaulted area with frescos and stuccos, carved wood confessionals and marble floors. Behind the main altar, in which a miraculous painting of the Madonna is kept, are paintings of the school of Domenico Brusasorci. Scenes from the Bible have been carved on elegant stalls in the church choir, in which frescos can also be admired.

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